Sunday, March 12, 2017

Bliss and Dr. Deepak Chopra

Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your bliss. Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real.
All Photos by Natiya Guin  

I was blessed to have the opportunity to photograph one of my greatest mentors, Dr. Deepak Chopra for the AIHM ( conference this past fall.  As I prepare to become of Naturopathic Medical Doctor with a focus on the creative and healing arts, his teachings provide great insight.

I watch quietly as my colleagues discuss their fears and excitement around becoming Doctors 90 days from now.  They share their current level of exhaustion, stress, fears for the future and I find my heart rate beginning to increase.  Then I think about one of my most recent models, Dr. Chopra...and I take a deep breath.  "Follow your bliss...follow your bliss".

I love taking pictures that empower my beautiful models. I thrive on providing natural medicine that allows my patients at our student clinic to enjoy their lives and their families more because they feel good again.

When I think about graduating in three months with my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, I find myself in a calm and quiet moment, feeling complete bliss. 

May you also reconnect with your bliss when moments of fear or transition challenge you.

Thank you to my beautiful clients who have inspired me.  Above: AIKA  brand

    Thank you, Om Yoga Magazine for printing my bliss.   

      Thank you, my beautiful family. You are my bliss.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Photo Tip: Get Closer

Whether using an i-phone or a professional camera, if you want to capture the expression in your model's face, consider getting closer to them, literally.

Below are two of my favorite recent portraits: one taken in studio with a ring flash, the other taken on the beach with natural light. My goal in showing you these two particular portraits is to share that a great close-up can be taken whether you have a flash or not, and whether you are using a natural landscape or a studio.

What you need:

1. A model with an expression you want to share.

2. A phone that takes pictures or a professional camera.
       Note: With a professional camera you can zoom in and keep high quality, with a phone camera I highly suggest moving closer to model rather than zooming in. Phone camera images will quickly become grainy and blurry if you zoom too much.

3. Lighting that works. The background isn't as important as the lighting in a close-up.  Whether you use natural, studio, or on camera flash, the lighting is more important that the location of the model.
       Note: in a natural light setting try putting model in full shade or if in the sun try shooting close to sunset for softer light.

Thank you to my beautiful models: Erin Rhae Biller and Kai Buoncristiano for use of your images.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Behind the Scenes: OM Yoga model, Linda Sorkin on our magazine cover shoot

Are you interested in being my next published model or do you want to learn more about the experience of modeling for an International athletic/health magazine? If so, please read on..

Behind the scenes with Linda Sorkin

Here is what my yoga teacher and OM YOGA Magazine
 (Om Magazine) cover model had to say about our shoot together:

Natiya is a beautiful human being and stellar photographer.  I know this to be true, since I was fortunate enough to work with her.  

Our journey began when Natiya shot professional headshots of me in addition to some fun yoga photos for my website.  As a result, she offered to photograph me in full yoga regalia and send my photos to OM Yoga & Lifestyles Magazine for a look-over.  Feeling humbled and detached, she submitted my photos.  It was in that moment I began to feel a fluttering of excitement at the possibility of what potentially lied ahead.  

Natiya clearly saw something in me I could not detect.  She has this soft unique way about her when she photographs.  She was welcoming and oozed with kindness, which immediately put me at ease.  When she combines her soft demeanor with her acute eye for style, she emanates immense creativity as a photographer.  As a result, she captured just the right shot for the cover of April’s issues of OM Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine.

Being on the cover of April’s issue is literally a dream come true, so to speak.  I am proud beyond belief of the work Natiya and I created together, especially since it holds a deeper meaning for me to be on the cover of a magazine at this stage of my life.  I am representing woman of all ages and hopefully able to inspire others to continue to reach and dream the impossible!

Natiya’s creative efforts has given me an opportunity to reach others through a medium that inspires conversation with my students, clients and the community.  Using my experience of being on the cover of Om Yoga Magazine offers a natural gateway to market my work as a yoga instructor and Marriage Family Therapist

One of the yoga communities I am delighted and blessed to be connected with is Sculpt Fusion Yoga in San Diego, Ca.  This wonderful studio provides a unique forum for me to weave my experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist into my classes to incite growth in students.  The owner, Kim Stahler, has been incredibly supportive of my journey as a professional both on and off the mat.

Working with Natiya was a wonderful experience.  She encouraged me to stretch and be seen in order to capture unique moments in front of her lens.  I will forever be grateful to my friend and photographer…Natiya!



Monday, May 23, 2016

How to: Easy athletic portraits .... i-phone and window light

I am often asked by clients how I set up the lighting for my published images and which cameras and equipment I use.  While I am a Canon girl through and through and I own a ridiculous amount of lighting and backdrops...this image was taken with none of my fancy equipment.

While playing "yoga" on my living room floor with our two daughters, the babysitter  (beautiful Danielle Pestka) struck this pose and I shot it on my i-phone.  Yes, this image was taken on an i-phone with nothing but a bright window behind her to offer the beautiful flooded white light.

What you need:
1. Someone who can do yoga or strike a unique fitness pose
2. A big window in the brightest daylight (either with no cover or a white sheet, blinds or curtains won't work).
3. A phone that takes pictures

Check my blog and facebook posts for future simple photography tips...and please post/show me what you create!

Monday, February 29, 2016

For Two Fitness "Shorts" Review and Discount Code!

During my last pregnancy I became an ambassador for "For Two Fitness" because after wearing this athletic brand for Desi' Bartlett's fantastic Prenatal DVD (Desi Bartlett's Prenatal DVD with Gaiam) I was in love with their products and wanted to tell all mama's to be what I had found.  I could not believe how comfortable, how well lasting, and functional these athletic clothes were.

I am now pregnant with our third child and when For Two Fitness asked me to try out an item I did not already own so that I could test out the quality and functionality I chose the shorts.  I did so because even when I'm not pregnant it is nearly impossible to find comfortable athletic shorts that do not rise or quickly stretch out.  This task made me nervous though because I imagined myself during my 2nd and 3rd trimesters and was not sure I could "pull off shorts".

I am pleasantly surprised and happy to report that athletic shorts by For Two Fitness do not shift, do not rise, do not stretch out or shrink...they are in fact wonderful to work out in and I feel as comfortable (and cooler, temperature wise!) than I do in my equally functional capri pants by the same company.

A note to mamas' about size and "shorts" during pregnancy: This is my third pregnancy and it is the first time I have had people make jokes about whether I am having twins or triplets (I'm only having one) and while it is very trying on one's pregnant nerves...I find myself taking more deep breaths and reminding myself that this baby bump is beautiful and amazing...and that people are just more comfortable making a joke than saying, "You look beautiful and amazing!".  So moms, I just want to remind you that your bump is gorgeous, your changing body is amazing, and soon you will welcome a bundle of joy into your life that will change you forever.

Mama's to be, please utilize the following code when purchasing from For Two Fitness and enjoy 20% off because you read this post!

Code: Thirdtime

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Joy of Om:

I have had the absolute pleasure of providing five covers for OM Yoga Lifestyle Magazine and have had the opportunity to highlight my favorite fitness professionals including:
Desiree Bartlett, Bobby Buoncristiano, Anne Judson-Yager, Alena Snedeker, Jason Phan and more....

...but none has been more meaningful to me that this month's cover with my own daughter, Kai!

My satisfaction is not only in the joy of working with my own child and seeing her on an International Publication, but in the peace of mind of knowing that I am doing the exact work I want to do.  My career has focused around the themes of health and fitness with a specific desire to support raising healthy children and celebrating inner even more than outer beauty.  This image of my little yogi is a testament to the way our family lives and to the values we cherish: family first, health and fitness for life, nurturing all children, and love!

To quote Audrey Hepburn:  The prettiest girls are the happiest girls

Here's to my very pretty, very happy little Kai!

Om Magazine

For Two Fitness

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