WomenHeart- Caring for Women on a Physical and Emotional Level

Hello! Alexandra here with an important post! Everyone knows someone who has experienced a heart event. (Maybe for you, this is a story that hits very close to home.) A heart attack is a life-altering event, and the transition back to normal life is not always an easy one. Women specifically are severely overlooked when it comes to treatment before, during, and after a heart event like a heart attack. The medical community does not always provide the support and care women need to identify and overcome heart events. This is why organizations like WomenHeart are so vital to women's wellbeing on a physical and emotional level.

WomenHeart is a nation-wide women's support group. Their mission is to "improve the health and quality of life of women living with or at risk of heart disease, and to advocate for their benefit".  Pacific Pearl, where Dr. Guin practices as a naturopathic doctor, offers a free monthly support group as a hub for WomenHeart.  A couple of months ago, I was invited to attend and see Dr. Guin speak to the group of women about her own connection to heart health and heart events. There is so much beauty in caring for other women through connection and education. She offered insight on how to support our heart through lifestyle changes from supplements to self-care. What stood out to me as I listened was her compassion and authentic desire to show women that they are heard and that they matter. She not only wore her doctor "hat" providing tips and education for the women's physical healing and improvement, but she illustrated the importance of healing and heart health from an emotional standpoint. 

The lesson that day was twofold- yes, lifestyle changes can make a big difference to improving heart health and preventing future heart events. But also, there are many beautiful ways to bring about emotional healing, which is just as paramount as the physical. Dr. Guin uses her skills as a doctor, photographer, art therapist, and yoga teacher to support women in their journey to healing. She uses all of her modalities to increase women's confidence, strength, and  heal the emotional heart. Practitioners like Dr. Guin show us why groups like WomenHeart are so critical and life-shifting. 

At Pacific Pearl, heart health and heart support is one of the "pearls" intertwined through the healthcare team's work. Beyond WomenHeart support group, there is Sarah's Heart, a program designed to empower women to prevent and treat cardiovascular disease.  Sarah's Heart was started by leading integrative cardiologist Mimi Guarneri, MD, FACC, ABOIM in honor of her mother, who died from a heart attack at age 39. The program offers support and education through a comprehensive video series, transformative retreats, and cutting-edge guidance. 
Dr. Guarneri says it best- "Sarah’s Heart™ is dedicated to you, whether you are a woman with cardiovascular disease, a man or woman with a loved one with cardiovascular disease, or you simply want to know tips and tricks for prevention. I am thrilled to provide this empowering program and be on this journey with you.” 

Learn more about Sarah's Heart here. If heart health on a physical and emotional level speaks to you, consider Sarah's Heart and WomenHeart two keys to empowerment and optimal wellbeing. Keep an eye on Sarah's Heart- Dr. Natiya Guin is in the works of planning an upcoming retreat and workbook!


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