Amazing Models

Sometimes I wish I had a biography for each of the models on my website. I am blessed to have a portfolio full of amazing people, who range from actors, super models, moms, Lawyers (modeling on the side), eco friendly entrepenuers etc. Working with some of these men and women have provided me with my dearest friendships, and most exciting and exhilirating work.
     Stephanie Paul is an Actor, Comedian, and gorgeous model. You will see her gracing nearly every section of my portfolio, and staring in the "focus" section. We met on a shoot/yoga retreat in Costa Rica two years ago. We adored each other so much that we extended our trips to stay in the rainforest together; taking hundreds of images, hiking many miles, climbing waterfalls, gliding across the canopy, searching for giant snakes, and laughing the entire time. We have worked together since, have become great friends, and have now found ourselves surfing in San Clemente, comedy club hopping in Hollywood, and filming movies together in Ventura. Look her up on or google her and you will be highly impressed...but even more, she is one of the most loving people I have ever known. She has a heart of gold and is there for me at every turn, regardless of whether she is filming New Zealand and meeting executives in New York City.  A fantastic cook, a dear friend, an absolutely stunning woman!


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