Pictures in our minds

Taking a week off to be with my dearest friend, my grandmother, Mau Mau. I look forward to the drive to Sonora every six months or so when I can take a break from L.A. and make my way up the 99 and then drive on some no name windy road for anothether few hours. There is nothing to do up here...perfect.

I stare at humming birds and deer for hours, and count down the time till I feed the horse and its "cocktail hour". I wait patiently for Mau Mau to make her famous egg salad and pot roast (not together) and I watch Bob (grammas younger, motor cycle riding boyfriend) make tools on this 2000 pound contraption out in the barn. I have been here six days and my life in L.A....the posh photoshoots, high powered lunches, and talks of fame, marketing, and first class flights all make me laugh. Yes, L.A. is the land of dreams. Yes, I love being a photographer and having exciting things to do, famous and up and comers to shoot in beautiful locations, I wouldn't give up my dreams and my work for the world...but right now, all I want to do is sign off and go play Boggle with my grandma while she tells me stories about the good old days as she cracks dirty jokes that make me blush.


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