Latest shoot with Daddy, Robert Buoncristiano

Our most recent shoot was published on

These images were taken directly after Bobby flew from Philadelphia to LAX. He had five minutes to prepare due to the setting sun. I was 40 weeks pregnant. I love my job, never a dull moment...and I love working with Bobby not only because he is a gorgeous model but because of his ease, flexibility, and ability to turn out images like these with little rest and little time to prepare. He is true professional.

Bobby is amazing to work with and I look forward to our next shoot, coming in October.

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Published copy:
I was browsing through the men’s board of the Web 2.0 modeling agency CSA Models Australia and International and the photos of Robert J. Buoncristiano caught my eye. This sharp looking his ad reminds me of Wolverine, a man with a blend of being dangerous while still being sexy. I was told he’s an extremely nice guy and after a short phone interview with him, I have learned why this Philadelphia-based personal trainer and highly-experienced male fitness model has a longstanding career in a very competitive industry. We’ll go into that next time. Huge thanks to the talent of Natiya Guin for this beautiful photo set.


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