Our students produced a 1950's version of the Crucible at AJR in South Central Los Angeles that had me believing I was watching a College Level performance. From the acting, focus, and passion to the dedication of Ms. Kopera, Jimmy Walsh, the Monarch After School Program, this play made our School and our Community proud.

I can't wait to see where the Talent of these bright young stars takes them next!

This was a wonderful experience for me because I not only got to help create and support the new Drama Club and the first ever full length play at our school, I also got to bring in some of my producing and directing past by creating the lighting department and aiding in many ways behind the scenes. Without my team, Laura and Miguel, the Play would not have had nearly as much support. It takes a village!

There were talent agents in the audience which means this is only the beginning for some of our High School Thespians. Youtube video coming soon...


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