Yordy, Salutatorian, alumni, upcoming model, and friend!

Iv'e written about Yordy before. My fabulous AJR student who graduated at the top of his class, and who I could not be more proud of. He is now an adopted member of the family and my photo assistant.

Please keep in mind that when you hire me or purchase images from my portfolio, you are supporting the talented youth that I am lucky enough to know and work with.

Yordy and I have two huge projects on the horizon: We updated his portfolio this week because he had an interview with a large agency on Wednesday...when we know the result I will let you know! Also, BCBG is hiring for a full-time in house Photography Director and not only does this career have my name all over it, Yordy has actually met the founder of BCBG when he was interning with the Academy of Business Leadership. I applied online but am hoping to be connected personally to the amazing company and it's operator, Max Azria.

Please look up the Academy of Business Leadership Philanthropie's founder, Anna Ouroumian: http://www.goabl.org/

I have supported her Academy from my role at Green Dot Public Schools and she has supported Yordy and hundreds if not thousands of talented inner city young adults. I love a good human interest story...

Happy Everything


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