The Joy of Om:

I have had the absolute pleasure of providing five covers for OM Yoga Lifestyle Magazine and have had the opportunity to highlight my favorite fitness professionals including:
Desiree Bartlett, Bobby Buoncristiano, Anne Judson-Yager, Alena Snedeker, Jason Phan and more....

...but none has been more meaningful to me that this month's cover with my own daughter, Kai!

My satisfaction is not only in the joy of working with my own child and seeing her on an International Publication, but in the peace of mind of knowing that I am doing the exact work I want to do.  My career has focused around the themes of health and fitness with a specific desire to support raising healthy children and celebrating inner even more than outer beauty.  This image of my little yogi is a testament to the way our family lives and to the values we cherish: family first, health and fitness for life, nurturing all children, and love!

To quote Audrey Hepburn:  The prettiest girls are the happiest girls

Here's to my very pretty, very happy little Kai!

Om Magazine


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