For Two Fitness "Shorts" Review and Discount Code!

During my last pregnancy I became an ambassador for "For Two Fitness" because after wearing this athletic brand for Desi' Bartlett's fantastic Prenatal DVD (Desi Bartlett's Prenatal DVD with Gaiam) I was in love with their products and wanted to tell all mama's to be what I had found.  I could not believe how comfortable, how well lasting, and functional these athletic clothes were.

I am now pregnant with our third child and when For Two Fitness asked me to try out an item I did not already own so that I could test out the quality and functionality I chose the shorts.  I did so because even when I'm not pregnant it is nearly impossible to find comfortable athletic shorts that do not rise or quickly stretch out.  This task made me nervous though because I imagined myself during my 2nd and 3rd trimesters and was not sure I could "pull off shorts".

I am pleasantly surprised and happy to report that athletic shorts by For Two Fitness do not shift, do not rise, do not stretch out or shrink...they are in fact wonderful to work out in and I feel as comfortable (and cooler, temperature wise!) than I do in my equally functional capri pants by the same company.

A note to mamas' about size and "shorts" during pregnancy: This is my third pregnancy and it is the first time I have had people make jokes about whether I am having twins or triplets (I'm only having one) and while it is very trying on one's pregnant nerves...I find myself taking more deep breaths and reminding myself that this baby bump is beautiful and amazing...and that people are just more comfortable making a joke than saying, "You look beautiful and amazing!".  So moms, I just want to remind you that your bump is gorgeous, your changing body is amazing, and soon you will welcome a bundle of joy into your life that will change you forever.

Mama's to be, please utilize the following code when purchasing from For Two Fitness and enjoy 20% off because you read this post!

Code: Thirdtime


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