Photo Tip: Get Closer

Whether using an i-phone or a professional camera, if you want to capture the expression in your model's face, consider getting closer to them, literally.

Below are two of my favorite recent portraits: one taken in studio with a ring flash, the other taken on the beach with natural light. My goal in showing you these two particular portraits is to share that a great close-up can be taken whether you have a flash or not, and whether you are using a natural landscape or a studio.

What you need:

1. A model with an expression you want to share.

2. A phone that takes pictures or a professional camera.
       Note: With a professional camera you can zoom in and keep high quality, with a phone camera I highly suggest moving closer to model rather than zooming in. Phone camera images will quickly become grainy and blurry if you zoom too much.

3. Lighting that works. The background isn't as important as the lighting in a close-up.  Whether you use natural, studio, or on camera flash, the lighting is more important that the location of the model.
       Note: in a natural light setting try putting model in full shade or if in the sun try shooting close to sunset for softer light.

Thank you to my beautiful models: Erin Rhae Biller and Kai Buoncristiano for use of your images.


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