Bliss and Dr. Deepak Chopra

Nothing is more important than reconnecting with your bliss. Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real.
All Photos by Natiya Guin  

I was blessed to have the opportunity to photograph one of my greatest mentors, Dr. Deepak Chopra for the AIHM ( conference this past fall.  As I prepare to become of Naturopathic Medical Doctor with a focus on the creative and healing arts, his teachings provide great insight.

I watch quietly as my colleagues discuss their fears and excitement around becoming Doctors 90 days from now.  They share their current level of exhaustion, stress, fears for the future and I find my heart rate beginning to increase.  Then I think about one of my most recent models, Dr. Chopra...and I take a deep breath.  "Follow your bliss...follow your bliss".

I love taking pictures that empower my beautiful models. I thrive on providing natural medicine that allows my patients at our student clinic to enjoy their lives and their families more because they feel good again.

When I think about graduating in three months with my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, I find myself in a calm and quiet moment, feeling complete bliss. 

May you also reconnect with your bliss when moments of fear or transition challenge you.

Thank you to my beautiful clients who have inspired me.  Above: AIKA  brand

    Thank you, Om Yoga Magazine for printing my bliss.   

      Thank you, my beautiful family. You are my bliss.


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