Announcing Portrait of Health!

Being a photographer for many years, I have loved diving into the art, creative process, and celebration of ideal health through photography. I have and always will be Natiya, Photographer. As I continue to pursue my passion of creative and healing arts,  not only as a photographer but also as a newly-minted Naturopathic Medical Doctor, my desire is to integrate art and photography as creative healing modalities that complement the naturopathic medical kit by honoring that self-love, creative expression, and emotional exploration are crucial to obtaining ideal health. I am so excited to announce my evolution to “Portrait of Health”. Portrait of Health is simply my vision for integrating all of my passions into one platform: photography, healing arts, and helping clients achieve complete mind and body health! Whether you are looking to obtain your ideal health, preparing for a photoshoot, or are ready for a portrait session, the Portrait of Health team is here to help you look and feel your best on photo day and everyday!


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