Portrait of Health FAQ on Facebook Live!

Alexandra here! Natiya and I filmed our very first Facebook Live last week, and wanted to post a recap and the link to watch the full video. Natiya answered the most common questions we get about Portrait of Health. Here is a breakdown and a little summary of the questions we hit in the introductory Facebook Live vid:

1. What is Portrait of Health? 
A photography and creative healing arts studio! Dr. Natiya Guin works with her clients and patients to help them become their happiest, healthiest, most beautiful version of themselves.

2. How did Portrait of Health come to be? 
Natiya has been working as a photographer for 20 years.  Over the years, her photography became very health, family, and fitness oriented. When she was in medical school, she realized she didn't just love showing people as their best self for a moment in a photo- she wanted to know the story behind their vibrant being and how they created the fabulous life they live.  From a medical standpoint, she dreamed of helping people become the best version of themselves so that they are ready for photo day, and every day!

3. What service does Portrait of Health offer? 
As a creative healing arts clinic, Natiya and her team meet with clients on a collaborative level to determine their history and lifestyle, from birth to the present time to get a clear picture of what is and isn't working in one's life (whether emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual). Together with the client, Natiya and her team work to create a program and treatment that help to promote total wellness.

4. Who is the ideal client?
-Health and fitness, and medical professionals: Whether you are rebranding your website, want new shots for your portfolio (or are looking to be published in a magazine), or need amazing images for marketing your business, Portrait of Health is ready to work with you!
-Anyone looking to improve on their health and wellness! Start fresh (or fine tune) your health, nutrition, fitness, or address symptoms that have you feeling run down. We'll get you feeling vibrant whether you want a photoshoot to honor your transformative journey or not.

5. Can we see some of your work? Yes!! See some images in the Facebook Live, or check out Natiya's extensive portfolio on portraitofhealth.com

6. Where can we get more information?  See portraitofhealth.com for Natiya's portfolio and to keep up with new projects and upcoming events. Follow along on Facebook at Natiya Guin, Photographer and on instagram @portrait_of_health.

Watch the full Facebook Live video here!

We can't wait to film more videos with fun behind-the-scenes content, health and wellness-related videos, and more interviews with Natiya and her team soon!


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