This image was taken during an impromptu shoot. Every other shoot I had planned while Bobby was here from Philly got rained out. Hard, crazy, sideways rain. I know we can't handle weather here in L.A. but it was actually very intense....for us.

I had reserved a bungalow at the Viceroy in Palm Springs to showcase Bobby's James Dean appeal (and to have some fun in one of my favorite getaway towns). The storm was so terrible I canceled the shoot. I was a bit sad about the loss until we decided to take some images in my studio one afternoon and got the attached image.

There are a few reasons why I love shooting Bobby.

1. It's the only time he stops talking (I love East Coast men but they have a story for everything, they take up all the space in the room).

2. He can smile, laugh, look like he is going to cry...all in a bout thirty seconds. He is an absolute natural in front of the camera.

3. He is sweet, he makes me laugh, and I love being around him. I can't say I have felt this way about many, or even few, of the male models I have worked with in the past.

Time for yoga now, before I begin "Hundred Dollar Head shot Day", my largest discounted series of shoots all year. I will make sure and share.



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