Teaching and photography

When I decided to Direct the After School Program at Animo Jackie Robinson, an inner city Charter High School, I was concerned that my dedication to the students would take away from my photography career. I couldn't have been more mistaken.
My Photo Club kids assist me on my weekend shoots now, not because I want free labor, but because they love it and learn a great deal from being on set. We have head-shot day once a month at school and I either take pictures for all my students who are aspiring actors, directors, and musicians, or I teach my aspiring photographers how to take the images themselves. I have seen professional quality work from fifteen year old kids. Not only do these kids inspire me, they keep me on my toes!
I sat at a brunch with good friends (most of which are on my website) last Saturday and talked about my kids, how impressed I am with them, what they have taught me, and before I knew it Tomiko and I were planning my next table photography book. I can't tell you what the subject matter is just yet, but I can say that my students inspired the creative process, and they will be an integral part of the project, every step of the way.

Today I remind myself to stop and smell the roses, take time to do something good for a child, and know that in doing for others we are doing for ourselves as well. I gave my yoga mat to a homeless man sleeping on my campus this morning. His smile made my day. What a beautiful smile it was!



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