How to: Easy athletic portraits .... i-phone and window light

I am often asked by clients how I set up the lighting for my published images and which cameras and equipment I use.  While I am a Canon girl through and through and I own a ridiculous amount of lighting and backdrops...this image was taken with none of my fancy equipment.

While playing "yoga" on my living room floor with our two daughters, the babysitter  (beautiful Danielle Pestka) struck this pose and I shot it on my i-phone.  Yes, this image was taken on an i-phone with nothing but a bright window behind her to offer the beautiful flooded white light.

What you need:
1. Someone who can do yoga or strike a unique fitness pose
2. A big window in the brightest daylight (either with no cover or a white sheet, blinds or curtains won't work).
3. A phone that takes pictures

Check my blog and facebook posts for future simple photography tips...and please post/show me what you create!


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